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1 Month Pregnant Belly


Category : 1 Month Pregnant Belly

Development of a 1 Month Pregnant Belly


The development of a 1 month pregnant belly is something that cannot be noticed at all. Basically, there are no major changes in the stomach area of the body and you would find that the belly area seems as normal as always. In fact, there are some facts associated with the pregnancy belly that show that there are no major developments in the belly of a woman before 14-16 weeks. This means that the 1 month pregnant belly does not exist at all, the only changes in belly being visible after the 3rd month. While there are no major 1 month pregnant belly changes, some noteworthy changes happen inside the body of a woman in this period.


Signs That You Are Pregnant


There are some signs that show your pregnancy state, not all of which can be noticed easily. These signs are similar to the 1 month pregnant symptoms that are noticeable in this stage. The confusing part that is associated with these 1 month pregnant symptoms is that they can represent the changes that set in the body of a woman before her periods. However, as soon as these periods are missed, it is nearly 100% that the woman is pregnant. The common 1 month pregnant symptoms comprise of changes like mood swings, breast tenderness and cramping. You might experience spotting, or extremely mild bleeding, that can be confused with periodical bleeding. However, such bleeding is very minor and usually results from the fertilized egg getting implanted in the uterus. These 1 month pregnant symptoms are much milder than what you would observe in your periods and work as clues towards your 1 month pregnancy. Most women realize about their pregnancy after they are more than 1 month pregnant.


2 Months Pregnant


The second month of pregnancy is the period when you are absolutely sure that you are pregnant. In this stage, proper prenatal care is requires as it ensures a healthy pregnancy. You can even notice some major developmental changes in your baby at this stage. Although there are considerable changes over the state of 1 month pregnant, the 1 month pregnant belly stays the same during the 2nd month of pregnancy too.

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