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1 Month Pregnant Symptoms


Category : 1 Month Pregnant Symptoms

Confusing 1 Month Pregnant Symptoms


The confusing 1 month pregnant symptoms can be quite difficult to understand due to a variety of reasons. You would find that the 1 month pregnant symptoms can easily be misunderstood to be the symptoms that develop before you miss a period. Mood swings, cramping, breast tenderness and light bleeding are some of the symptoms that might be noticed when you are 1 month pregnant. However, as soon as you miss your period, you can be sure that you are pregnant. At this stage, it would be important that you visit your doctor for a pregnancy test. While you can make use of the pregnancy checking strips at home, it is always better to visit the doctor as he can tell you if you are 1 month pregnant or not. Further, required care and help can be given by the doctor that can assist in a successful pregnancy.


1 Month Pregnant Ultrasound


A 1 month pregnant ultrasound is something that can help you in understanding the development of your baby to be. Although a 1 month pregnant ultrasound is usually not carried out, there are some specific cases which might require one. A 1 month pregnant ultrasound is not usually carried out because there is nothing major to note at this stage. The size of the baby is so small that you would not be able to make out anything substantial. However, if you take a look at the pictures of a 1 month pregnant ultrasound, you would find that the baby is about 1/4th of an inch. There are some major things that you can notice at this stage. In a 1 month pregnancy, you would notice the formation of the amniotic sac that helps in cushioning the embryo. The placenta development also starts in a 1 month pregnant stage and completes soon.  You can notice some major changes in the features of the embryo, with large dark circles, primitive face and places for mouth and lower jaw developing.


1 Month Pregnant Belly


The 1 month pregnant belly is nothing worth noticing as you would not notice any major changes in this regard. The belly would feel completely normal and nothing substantial would be visible. This is another reason why 1 month pregnant symptoms are extremely hard to notice and identify.

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