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1 Month Pregnant


Category : 1 Month Pregnant

Are You 1 Month Pregnant?


‘Are you 1 month pregnant?’ This is a big question that crops up in the mind of women who are going through some unique changes before the beginning of their periodic cycle. Basically, if you are 1 month pregnant, chances are that you would not notice any major changes with your body. With time, however, certain symptoms would develop that would tell you if you are pregnant or not.

1 Month Pregnant Symptoms


Category : 1 Month Pregnant Symptoms

Confusing 1 Month Pregnant Symptoms


The confusing 1 month pregnant symptoms can be quite difficult to understand due to a variety of reasons. You would find that the 1 month pregnant symptoms can easily be misunderstood to be the symptoms that develop before you miss a period. Mood swings, cramping, breast tenderness and light bleeding are some of the symptoms that might be noticed when you are 1 month pregnant. However, as soon as you miss your period, you can be sure that you are pregnant.

1 Month Pregnant Belly


Category : 1 Month Pregnant Belly

Development of a 1 Month Pregnant Belly


The development of a 1 month pregnant belly is something that cannot be noticed at all. Basically, there are no major changes in the stomach area of the body and you would find that the belly area seems as normal as always. In fact, there are some facts associated with the pregnancy belly that show that there are no major developments in the belly of a woman before 14-16 weeks.